Events at Shiva Kaivalya Yoga


I met Shiva in April 2017. We had been in contact for over a year and was very eager to meet him. As soon as I saw him, we shared a smile and very soon become good friends. He is focused and perseverant, but also light hearted and easy going. His personality shines through his teachings, his passion and dedication to the discipline of Yoga is contagious. Spending time by his side I always laugh, and leave feeling grounded and inspired. I'd be honored to deepen my practice through his guidance.


I did a yoga class with Shiva Shankar and it was the first time I felt so much good. I had an incredible experience and I felt overwhelmed all my body, the session made me crazy. This is more than a Yoga session. With Shiva Shankar you will have a moment out of time. Its presence illuminates this space and it allows us to immerse ourselves and feel the breath of life. Do not miss the opportunity to live a session with him.

Lydia Belabed, Paris
Swami Shiva Shankarji ...
Is my soul brother and an exceptional yoga teacher gifted with a pure golden heart.
At different stages of my life his synchronistic appearance and teachings have accelerated my yogic journey. A huge compassionate, selfless aura and incisive practices as is relevant to the student make it a delight to be with him for everyone.
Besides me and my family, our diabetic patients have also benefited immensely and fondly remember him. For me too Swamiji's remembrance brings up a smile and opening of heart and I keep looking forward for our next eventful encounter as it always is ...
Much, much, much love and highest wishes, in all ways, always ?
Dr Pramod Tripathi, Pune, IndiaFounder FREEDOM FROM DIABETES

I first met Shiva a few years ago in Goa, and enjoyed practicing with him very much; he ignited in me a genuine love for yoga. I was very inexperienced, but he was incredibly kind and sensitive. He is also very funny, warm and gentle. Since then I have practiced yoga and spent time with Shiva in Rishikesh and London. His teaching is utterly authentic and his knowledge and understanding phenomenal. He instantly grasps what each student needs. You really feel the difference learning from a yoga master such as Shivaji.

Tania Sansom, London

I really enjoyed the TTC I took with Shiva Shankar in Rishikesh! I had an amazing time during the course because Shiva made it interesting, fun and meaningful in a personal way. Thanks to his teaching, my love for yoga increased tremendously! And also his philosophy of life impacted on my personal growth. I couldn't be happier to have met such a thoughtful and kind guide as he is. Thanks Shiva for an unforgettable time in Rishikesh!

Andrea Carranza Villarejo Mexico City

In Shiva Shankar I am immensely blessed to have met an exceptionally wise and gracious Yogic master from Rishikesh, India. He intelligently bridges Western science and ancient Yogic wisdom to convey the transformative and healing power of Yogic practices in an accessible and at the same time pure and authentic way. With utmost patience, precision and deep respect towards both practice and pratictioner, he encourages everyone to make his or her own experience, and take away only that which has been found helpful. Through his presence, kindness and fine sense of humor I was able to overcome long-held limitations of my mind and body. I am deeply thankful to have been able to practice with him and highly recommend studying with him. It yields tremendous power, on and off the Yoga mat.

Marie Downar, Dresden, Germany

Shiva is a yoga master, a spiritual guide, a kind & genuine friend. I feel so blessed to have met him in 2011 at a yoga teacher training in Agonda Beach, Goa, India. I live in Alaska and have been back to India two other times to study under Shiva. He is incredibly knowledgeable and yet extremely approachable and fun. I have learned so much about meditation, pranayama, asana, right living and enjoying every moment from him. I highly recommend time with Shiva. He is the real deal and the brightest light you will ever find.

Beth Schuerman, Anchorage, United States
Shiva Shankar’s teaching benefitted me tremendously, and I hope to follow more of his yoga practice in future. When I arrived, my yoga experience was quite basic. I had very little flexibility. He is a patient teacher, and he guided me through the challenges. My practice improved greatly thanks to him. It’s very special to learn yoga from a master yogi who is from India. Unlike so many teachers in the West who view yoga as merely a means of fitness, Shiva embraces and teaches the spiritual components of yoga practice. In his lessons, he calls the poses (asanas) by their names in Sanskrit, and carefully explains their meanings. He also begins and ends sessions by giving teachings from the Ancient texts. One need not be a Hindu to grasp the relevancy. I gained flexibility and heightened well-being through my practice with Shiva, and I recommend his class to people of all experience levels. He’s a wonderful teacher. He has a gentle nature, free of ego, and that is a refreshing quality in a teacher. I highly recommend him.
Kartik Singh, Paris, France

I met shiva in one of his workshop in Surrey with Nicola Theo , not knowing what to expect , I attended the workshop for a whole day and it was awesome . Shiva's knowledge and humbleness was beyond words . He took me deeper in my practice .

Jean-Claude Rawady, Staines upon Thames, UK